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Immigrant Record Stores in Elmhurst, Queens

February 15, 1999
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A report on the booming retail business for ethnic music in Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, Queens.

Immigrants & High-Tech Jobs

October 26, 1998
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An in-depth look at the rising number of immigrants entering the high-tech industry.

U.S. – Iran Soccer Fans

June 22, 1998
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A look at what transpired during a live satellite TV dialogue between soccer fans from the U.S. and Iran during the U.S.-Iran soccer match on 6/21/98. Length 3.5 mins.

Making Tracks

May 1, 1998
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An off-Broadway musical in New York City focuses on the Asian American immigrant experience. Length 4.5 mins.

New York City Taxi Drivers

April 2, 1998
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This story focused on the immigrants now driving taxis in New York City.