Tapping the Source

August 1, 2003
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Americans enjoy some of the safest drinking water in the world, but quality varies widely, and it’s surprisingly tough to find out definitively which cities serve the good stuff and which do not.

Incoming Elephants

September 1, 2002
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Quiçama National Park in Angola used to have more than 4,000 elephants, 6,000 forest buffaloes, and numerous other wildlife, but it was all destroyed.

Adventure Travel in Tomaz Humar’s Stomping Ground

June 1, 2002
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It’s no wonder that the former Yugoslav republic of Slovenia has produced some of the world’s best mountaineers: You can’t travel north of the country’s capital, Ljubljana, without butting up against some of Europe’s most precipitous ranges.

The Turner Empire

December 1, 2001
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With 1.8 million American acres and counting, Ted Turner governs a slice of the U.S. bigger than the state of Delaware.